5 Exercises to Slim Your Legs

5 Exercises to Slim Your Legs

Thinning down your legs isn’t hard to do, but there are only right and wrong approaches towards seeing results. The best exercises will get you to your goals sooner, ensuring you can effectively slim down your legs with a targeted workout. While spot reduction is not possible, muscular definition and weight loss composition will play a vital role in one’s success.

Here are five of the best exercises to help you slim your legs!


Squats are the most effective weight loss and muscle growth exercise of all. They use the largest muscle in the body, and ultimately produce the greatest level of growth hormone. Physical activation of the quads and hams will put the body into a more anabolic state. This means greater muscle growth. They are also a great core and bodyweight exercise, that makes burning calories from home a breeze.

2. Lunges

Grab a pair of dumbbells and knock out some lunges. The entire upper leg muscle will take form with the muscular structure you would want. Do this while maintaining a caloric deficit to influence weight loss. This will leave you with slimmer, more defined legs.

3. Deadlifts 

 The great thing about deadlifts is that they don’t just focus on the legs (like squats) as they incorporate a lot of the upper body, also. This exercise further accentuates the body’s attractive figure by enforcing quality posture through strengthening the lower and upper back muscles. Variations of the traditional deadlift offer more focus on the leg muscles. You can even choose between them to focus more on the quadriceps or hamstrings, completely depending on what you prefer.

4. Stairmaster

Doing your cardio through the stair simulators is a great way to get the legs in shape. This burns calories at a higher rate than jogging and feels much less intense than sprinting. It is easy to do the stair machines for long periods of time, as well. This is a fun and active way to get the leg muscles going in an endurance style workout, plus it helps to strengthen and tone the calves.

5. Leg Abductors/Adductors

The inner and outer of the thigh isn’t targeted very well in the heavier movements. You need an isolated exercise for these areas, and the abductor and adductor machines are the best bet. These allow you to focus on the smaller muscles, which play a role in the overall strength of the muscles in your upper leg. For overall strength and superior muscle definition, these two movements should definitely make it into your leg slimming workout.
In Short: Can I Really “Slim” My Legs?

There is no one exercise that will slim your legs. There is no way your body will slim down just your lower half, either. This is a part of a weight loss journey and your diet and training must mimic that. You need a caloric deficit without any nutritional deficiencies.

Focus on a 300-500 caloric deficit from maintenance levels and make sure protein levels are kept to at least one gram per pound of body weight. This will ensure proper results; throwing the five exercises mentioned here into your training regimen will further your chances of slimmer, more defined legs!

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